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As a graduate of an accredited Medical Illustration Program, an intense two-year program that included courses with medical students in human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, microscopic anatomy, pathology and veterniary surgery as well as human surgical observation and extensive training in medical art techniques. This training allows me to communicate effectivly with experts in medicine and health education, grasp the complex scientific information and then to present this information visually to a variety of different audiences.

I bring an artist's eye for balance and composition, and an avid attention to detail. I have been in the graphic design industry for over 25 years and will work with you to design the ideal medical and scientific illustrations for patient and professional education, advertising, web and interactive media design.

Garzzillo Medical Illustration Studios also works with other professionals to provide multimedia, print and web design, animation, editorial and animation services.

We are committed to helping our clients excel, just as we've done with each client before.

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We specialize in:

    • 2D Animation

    • 3D Animation

    • Surgical Instrument   


    • Scientific Posters

    • Medical


    • Website Design

    • Illustration of

       Surgical Procedures

    • Interactive Dynamic



Plus much much more

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